The Power Line

I’ve been reading Demon Knights since the beginning and have loved every issue of it.  Paul Cornell created the most original and still running concept at DC – as a genre fusion book, it boils down to one part superhero comic and one part medieval fantasy tale. All that greatness being said, I’d always had a problem with Cornell’s seeming lack of focus when it came to serious character and setting development; character growth seemed stunted, and the setting was always this sprawling, ever changing thing.  Overall, developments were often left vague (admittedly, probably on purpose) and unfortunately left me with the desire for Cornell to simply flesh out the details already.  However, with Demon Knights #16, we see a changing of the guard – Robert Venditti has taken over writing duties. Is he up for the task?  Well that’s what the hell I’m trying to find out.  My favorite bits will follow:

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